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of Luxembourg Aeronautics and Astronautics





In the year 2009 Luxembourg aviation celebrated its centennial. In November 1909 the National Aero-Club was founded, which has become today the Luxembourg Aviation Federation. All associations active in aeronautical sports are members of the Federation, as well as non-lucrative association which have an interest in aviation.

The creation of this aeronautical association in 1909 was the starting point of a new era in the Grand Duchy. From 1910, when aeroplanes flew for a couple of minutes, the activity has known a continuous and sustainable evolution.

To celebrate this special anniversary the Luxembourg Federation together with all the associations affiliated to the Federation has organised from May 2009 to June 2010 a number of exceptionnal events throughout the country.

The website gives you information about the events which took place to celebrate the centennial, the history of Luxembourg aeronautics and astronautics from 1909 until today. The section on aeronautical sports presents the different disciplines of aeronautical sports and the history of the associations. The section on commercial aviation presents the history of Luxembourg airlines and a number of airlines which fly to Luxembourg today as well those which made stopovers in Luxembourg in the past. The section on aeronautical structures presents the evolution of airfields in the country, the national centers for aeronautical sports, Luxembourg Airport in Findel, its history and the departments necessary for the smooth functioning of air traffic. Under who's who we present associations and companies with a link to aviation and space, as well as a number of key decision makers and pionneers of Luxembourg aviation.


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